Final projects

Final projects that were completed as part of the AARMS-EIDM summer school were:

  1. Conditions for forming and suspending the Atlantic bubble by Tanuja Das, Ravindu Upasena, Qiuyi Su, Tangjuan Li, and Yurong Zhang. Defines promising mathematical conditions for forming and suspending a travel bubble.

  2. An SEIR model with pandemic fatigue by Rhiannon Loster, Benjamin Benteke, and Pengfei Yue. Github repository and Shiny app.

  3. Topical Acaricides on Rodents as a One Health Intervention Against Lyme Disease: A Epidemiological Modelling Study by Bruce Chidley, Lauren Farrell, Geneva Liwag, Thaneswary Rajanderan, and Sophie Stelmach.

  4. Investigating the conditions for locally transmitted dengue infections by Leyi Jiang, Grace Nichol, and Michele Bergevin.

  5. Exploring Cross-Species Transmission through ODE Models Informed by Phylogenetic Analysis by Sana Naderi and Norma Forero. Github repository and QuidiPhyDy R package (on CRAN).

  6. Modelling Human Induced Allee Effects on Biological Invasion in a Two Patch Model by Manuel Perez, Elise Woodward, and Zahresh Walji. Github repository.

  7. An SIARV model: dynamics and data fitting by Jessa Marley, Shab Molan, Francisca Olajide, and Greg Forkutza. A substantial amount of work completed, including parameter estimation and modelling.

  8. A Time-Delayed and Drug-Controlled Within-Host Model by Rushi Chaudhary, Shiheng Fan, Tian Hou, Zhimin Li, and Yuanxi Yue. Strong mathematical analysis.

  9. Investigating the spread and establishment of Chikungunya in Florida through stochastic and deterministic modelling and Weather and Chikungunya transmission dynamics by Antonio Gondim, Leonardo Shultz, and Rebeca Falcao. Two promising projects with strong integration of data and models.

  10. A two patch model of dengue fever dynamics by George Adu-Boahen, Francis Anokye, Joseph Baafi, and Giuseppe Pasquilino.