Project details

  • Students will work in groups of 2-3 to complete a project.

  • You have 2 weeks after the completion of the summer school to hand-in your final project (Due 9am NST Monday September 18).

  • As part of your final project, you must create something permanent. This may be:

    • a presentation of your project that you upload to a website;
    • software (i.e., hosted on github) or a dataset;
    • a web app (i.e., R Shiny);
    • a website aimed to communicate your results to the public;
    • you may indicate that you plan to continue working on your project and publish it as a pre-print and submit it for peer-review;
  • You must also complete a written project so that we can evaluate the technical details of your work.

Specific expertise of the instructors includes spatial epidemiology, importations, within-host models, zoonotic spillover, and COVID-19. Groups that have their own project idea, please discuss this will the instructors.